Jira Connector Webhook Changes for Upcoming Atlassian Limits


Hi Community, 

As a response to the upcoming January 2024 Atlassian change to limit each Jira Cloud environment to 100 webhooks, we have made a change to the Smartsheet Jira Connector from one webhook per bi-directional Smartsheet Jira Connector workflow to a shared webhook for all workflows between a Jira and Smartsheet environment.

All workflows already created within your Smartsheet Jira Connector environment will continue to run with the old webhook scheme (even if you are over the 100 webhook limit - though you will be unable to create additional bi-directional workflows), while any new workflows created will utilize a shared webhook. 

If you are already over or approaching the 100 webhook limit (i.e. have more than 100 bi-directional Jira Connector workflows connected to a Jira Cloud environment), you will shortly receive an alert from Smartsheet with instructions for converting your workflows over to the new webhook scheme. 

If you attempt to create additional bi-directional workflows while over the 100 webhook limit (or to re-enable workflows while still over the limit), you will receive the following error message: “Unable to activate workflow due to Jira Cloud webhook limits. Reach out to your admin to convert legacy workflows so new workflows can be created.”

To convert an existing workflow to the new scheme, the workflow owner should Disable workflow, refresh the page, then select the Reset button to re-enable the workflow. This action should be taken by the workflow owner as any Jira user can disable a workflow but only the owner can re-enable a workflow. 

For more information please review the details on this help article

The Smartsheet Jira Connector is available for licensed users on Business and Enterprise plans, and/or Advance Gold/Platinum users. 

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Danielle Wilson

Product Marketing Manager

Danielle W.

Product Marketing