How to put contact list names into a visual graphic from a multiple contact column


I have a tracker for my project team that shows all active projects and their details. One of the columns is called "Project Team" where the PM is asked to list out all individuals who are on their project team. The column lets them add as many team members as they need to.

I have been asked by my Director to turn this column into a visual data point in our team dashboard. She wants to see how many projects each person is on to start tracking resource management. I am not able to find a formula that can do this, as my company has more than 40,000 employees and technically anyone in the company could be on our project team, so I can't pre-identify individuals for something like a metric sheet like I've done for other data points.

Does anyone know how to do this so I can put it into a bar chart or something similar? Thank you so much!