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Option to allow or forbid geo-location changes in a Smartsheet mobile-app intake form.

zealvert ✭✭✭✭


In Smartsheet mobile app forms, we have an option to insert our current geo-location (please see attached image), which is a brilliant feature.

However, the issue here is that it also allows the form user to manually change their geo-location (lat.-long.) to whatever they wish to!

Ideally, the form owner should have the option to allow or restrict this manual change.

For instance, a "Customer Meeting Details" form should allow the user to select the desired geo-location; but a form titled, say, "Send my current location" will be highly reliable and useful --only if it does not allow the user to manually change their current location.

Further, the form owners should also be able to make the location submission as a "required" field. This could help project managers execute certain processes that involve rigorous compliance and controls. For instance, inspections of physical products, and certain risk audits usually require that the inspection officers/auditors be physically present at the site in question.

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