Restricting access to Sheet but full access to report

Good morning folks. I lead a project management team that uses Smartsheets to track projects. I would like to allow the PM's to have full control over their reports (column locations, data input, etc.) but restrict access on the Sheet so that someone doesn't make an irreversible change to the sheet that could affect the whole team. Is there a way to do this? I had everyone's access set to "Commenter" on the sheet and then had them create their own reports but this restricted their ability to update their reports as well. Thanks!


  • AravindGP
    AravindGP ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @GSA Rob

    Reports are mirrored data from the underlying sheets and not a copy. When you edit a report, the underlying sheet also gets updated instantly. If you want your PMs to make modifications to the report, they should have editor or admin rights to the sheet as well.

    You can always use the Audit log to get the list of changes made and they can be reverted. This also includes deletion of rows.



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  • GSA Rob
    GSA Rob ✭✭

    Thank you AravindGP. I am looking in the Activity Log and cannot find a way to revert actions. Do you have further information that would help? Or maybe a tutorial somewhere that explains how to revert actions say, if a colum or row were deleted?