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Use the End date and dependencies to drive the project timings

When a project and tasks are set up with dependencies and durations, the project manager should be able to drive all task dates based on the project end date, not just the start date.

Often mid project the delivery date needs to be changed. With Smartsheet, a project manager needs to adjust the duration of all tasks manually until the the delivery date meets the new date set by the business.

In MS Project and other PM software, it is possible to manually change the delivery date, and see the impact on all predecessor tasks because of the durations set. It's much quicker, and more informative because it doesn't compromise all tasks durations that have likely been agreed upon by the owner of that task.

A shift in end date will usually result in current and upcoming tasks becoming overdue, and it gives the PM the opportunity report impact of an adjusted delivery date back to the business and provides the opportunity to assess tasks that can accomodate a shorter duration in conjunction with the owner of those effected tasks.

Thank you!

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