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Dashboard Design Templates

I'd like the ability to create a dashboard template w/ generic information & settings so that when I make a new one from a template, I'm able to replace rich text without losing formatting.

Currently, I "save as new" from an existing dashboard and update the rich text (typically having to reformat it) & then delete existing widgets (typically links to a URL) and create new ones w/ the new project's associated information.

I'd really like to go a step further and be able to create my own widget presets...

90% of the time, I'll replace Titles & Rich Text... then delete widget url links and create new ones associated w/ the new job... for most of these links, I'll hide the title and format the link to be blue & underlined.

It would be great if we could get the User Profile to learn "recently used formatting by type" as a default when adding different widgets.

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