Dynamic View or Form/Sheet


I think I may have a good use case for using Dynamic View, but need help. So I have a sheet that basically is managing the status and progression of a customer request that my staff completes and notify the customer and then their is an approval and then it is complete. We have a weekly project call where we review these requests, the status, the approval and the outstanding work that still needs to take place. The goal is to complete approval on at minimum two request a week, and then after the call I send a recap, status: These are pending, these were approved today, these are still being built etc. I update my sheet status and then I free type an email with a recap. I was wanting to create a form or dynamic view that gives the story of what was done during the weekly call. since I am changing the status of the eDocs, can I build out a document, report, dynamic view that I could share and not have to duplicate my efforts.


  • markkrebs
    markkrebs ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Several ways to do this. I'd only use a dynamic view if you want people to see and edit the data but not allowed to access the source sheet.


    1) Use a check mark and as you're going through items check/uncheck the ones you'd want to show. Then using a combination of a report and if needed a dashboard to show the items that were checked.

    2) Same as 1 but use the file -> send as attachment to distribute. Saves people from logging in but its point in time information.

    Could be another solution too but those were the first ones I thought of.