Background auto-refresh a sheet as frequently as every minute.

Andy S.
Andy S. ✭✭✭
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This might be my first real contribution to this community, but I think I have had a breakthrough with respect to background auto refreshing a sheet. I've seen the common solution of utilizing a workflow to trigger a daily update of a date column, but the challenge has always been that you are obviously limited in how frequent your process can run. In my case:

I have a data shuttle populating a sheet with unique ID's and bulk data from an external source.

A workflow will run when a checkbox formula finds that a unique ID does not exist on my active project management sheet.

The row is added to a helper sheet, where a mesh will then add it to the project management sheet (this is to prevent the carryover of all the unnecessary columns that occur with copy/move workflow)

The helper sheet then has a checkbox to ensure the unique ID has made it to my project management sheet so that a workflow will offload the row to a throw-away sheet (since there isn't an auto-delete workflow). *And here is the age-old problem: If the helper sheet cannot refresh itself in the background, then the mesh will run continuously and add duplicate rows to my project management sheet.

While a daily refresh is sufficient for this scenario, my colleague was experiencing a similar challenge that was greatly hindered by the 24-hr delay.

Solution: *I apologize if this has been solved already, though I haven't seen any discussion on it yet.

Embed a Smartsheet onto a dashboard and set the dashboard to auto-refresh given the 1-60 minute range... It's really that easy. With your sheet open, select 'Publish' on the right-hand tool bar and obtain your embed URL. Then, add it as a 'Web Content' widget on a dashboard. Adjust auto-refresh accordingly.

Let me know what you all think.