Trying to set up Corrective Action system using smartsheets

My company has been using smartsheets for order tracking and data reporting, but I'd like to try to use it for our corrective action system (we are AS9100). Currently we just use a controlled document to gather all of the data and put it in a folder that's manually created on sharepoint. I want to create a sheet to track all data on in order to build reports for myself and other management to review/report on.

I'm mostly interested in anyone willing to share templates or examples of what they've done. I can figure out setting up workflows, rules and formatting but instead of building this from scratch it seems a lot simpler to adopt what someone else has found to work for them.

My main concerns:

  • controlling access to edit cells to people the action is assigned to (we're still fairly new to smartsheets and I'm not sure if this is even possible)
  • adapting to customer/supplier corrective actions (this might just be controlled through external documents and manual input into this since we can't give out access to our smartsheets outside of the organization)
  • having an easy way to see data in one row without too much side scrolling (I've seen being able to generate reports that pull data from rows, is this as simple as setting up the report/form and viewing for any specifc row?)
  • any other issues you've solved for your company

If anyone has thoughts or solutions to these I'd appreciate any sharing of knowledge. Even if it's from an ISO9001, 13485, 16949 or similar type of system. Thanks!


  • SteyJ
    SteyJ ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    1.) Controlling access to edit cells can be done by creating a filter in the sheet for a contact column, then in the filter options select the contact list column, condition -> "Is one of" -> "Current User".

    -- With these options selected, you can then set the default view of the sheet by clicking "Share", click the invite details arrow, and the option to change default view will appear.

    -- You can further limit access by creating a Dynamic View (if you have the premium application) -- and limit access by current view, or by current user in a contact list column

    2.) for customers, you may want to create a customer portal where a customer can update information into a sheet, then you can pull that data into your employers workspaces with INDEX/MATCH or other lookup functions.

    3.) The best way to limit scrolling, is to have dedicated reports for specific items. You can have your primary sheet which handles a ton of information in one place, and then distribute that information into reports to quickly find data specific to any sub section.

    Hope this helps!


    Jacob Stey