How to write to smartsheet without python?

We user Alteryx to read from smartsheet using the live data connector. We also need to write to smartsheet from Alteryx. I've seen people do this in Python, but I don't know python. Does anyone have anything canned/pre-written using an ODBC connection and not an API/python?


  • Hi Craig,

    Though I haven't personally used Zapier, it might be a solution worth exploring for your needs. However, I tend to lean towards coding directly, as it gives me greater control over the process.

    Accessing data from Smartsheet is relatively straightforward since it essentially involves "downloading" the data. The more challenging aspect is writing data back to it. This requires careful consideration of exactly which rows and columns you're updating. It's crucial to ensure that you're not inadvertently overwriting any important data.

    If you aim to establish a connection between two systems, creating a webhook might be an ideal solution. This could facilitate ongoing synchronization between them. However, without a clear understanding of your specific requirements, I can't provide a definitive recommendation.

    Smartsheet API uses HTTP and JSON, typical of web APIs. ODBC uses SQL and database drivers.

    But you can use Smartsheet API to work with databases.

    I hope this helps in guiding your decision!