Contact list of users

Hi, We are currently creating a sheet/form for staff to submit a trip plan. This requires noting each staff member travelling in the vehicle so a new column for each staff, which then pulls through their emergency contact information.

At the moment, for each column, I am having to add the staff names to the contact list so they are available to select from the drop down. They are users, so I have to just select each name. However this means every time we get a new staff member or someone leaves I would have to go through every column and add/remove.

Is there a way the contact list column type can automatically lookup the users in our organisation? I should be able to say 'contact list' type then opt to add all organisational users so as we have staffing changes the list is updated.



  • Hi @kpassfield

    I noticed that if you don't use add contacts then the moment someone starts typing their name it will work, but that might mean they see contacts in the list they shouldn't. If it doesn't matter, try that.

    Or the option is to use data shuttle so that when you add a name, you can run the transfer of those names into the list.

    Let me know if that works


    @Purnima Gore_PGPS