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Shared reports are blank

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 After performing a search I ran across many others users running into shared reports showing up as blank pages. I tried the solution I ran across and assured that the user also had access to the sheet the report was made from. And still I am seeing a blank report. Was this ever corrected in early/mid 2016? 

I am relatively new to Smarthsheets so perhaps I have missed a setting somewhere, and help would be appreciated greatly. Thank you!




  • Hello Tom,

    Typically, blank reports are caused by the person viewing the report not having access to the source sheet, or the report criteria not matching any rows from the source sheet. Only sheets a person has access to will appear in their view of the report.

    If you see information in the report, but your other users don't, then it's likely that they still need to be shared on the source sheets. They might have been given access to a similarly named source sheets, but not the ones that the report references.

    One way to see this is if you (and your users) look at the report builder criteria and see "unknown sheet" or "unknown workspace" (might say "unshared sheet" and "unshared workspace") then that item hasn't been shared to you and won't appear in the report.

    More info in the Sharing Reports article. 

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