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  • I have a question regarding the Calendar feature. I have read posts about doing a calendar view from a sheet, but having to publish the sheet to keep the calendar view on a dashboard.

    I went a different route by going to the Calendar premium app and built a calendar view from that. The issue I'm having is when accessing through the dashboard, it asks the end user to log into Smartsheet. Is there any way around someone having to log in to view a calendar via the dashboard? Once I log in, it is the view that I want with the features I want such as filters and different calendar views that the sheet calendar view doesn't have. I have included screen shots of where I built the calendar, the login screen straight from the dashboard requesting the user to log in and the various calendar views the premium app has that I'd like to keep with the dashboard widget of the meeting calendar.

  • Genevieve P.
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    Hey @Trang Turtletraxx

    Instead of embedding the direct link to the Calendar, try Publishing the Calendar and use that URL in your Web Content Widget instead! 🙂

    Here's more information: Make changes to an existing calendar in your Calendar App



  • @Genevieve P. You're the best! Thank you so much!