"Sheet Access" report that includes shares to Dynamic Views

Hello - In order to maintain our implementation of Smartsheet so that it is HIPAA-compliant, we need to perform periodic user access reviews that involve content owners reviewing users that they've shared content with and taking appropriate action.

The "Sheet Access" report that Smartsheet offers is very helpful for this, except it does not include shared access to Dynamic Views. Does anyone have a way to generate a report that shows shared access to ALL content in Smartsheet?


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    edited 12/29/23

    Hi @BJS,

    Unfortunately, you are correct that the Sheet Access report leaves a little to be desired as far as documenting Dynamic View, Datamesh, and WorkApp. If a person is not directly shared to the item, they will not be listed in the Sheet Access report.

    However, in the individual sheet activity logs you will see a little gear icon to the right of the date/time entry that indicates the sheet was viewed/modified through a link:

    Hovering over the gear icon shows "API - Other Client" - not super helpful if there are multiple access points.

    The name of the person who accessed and what modification was made (view/change) is visible in the activity log.

    In the Sheet Activity download you will see the source of the change as API-Other Client. (ETA: unfortunately, the source is shown as "Unknown" when a change is made through a link, but an Action of "Cells Changed" appears to correlate to an Action of "Sheet Viewed".)

    Depending on how many sheets you need to review, this may or may not work for you.

    I hope someone else will respond with a more helpful response. :)

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    This is great information - thank you! I would dearly like to automate this, but it's good to know about the viewed/modified icon under activity logs.