What it the limitation when using form logic to show dropdown lists?


We have a case where a form is being used by managers to enter info about their direct reports. In the sheet, there is one column of direct reports for every manager. When the manager selects their name in the form, logic causes a new field with all their direct reports to appear as a dropdown.

We have a little over 100 managers and columns of direct reports, and the form logic seems to cap out at maybe 65? This has caused us to have one field for managers with names A-L and a second from M-Z, it makes the form a little clunky.

What limitation is driving that, and is there a better work-around?




  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭

    First thought is it might be a bug, see @Genevieve P. 's post here. I have contact columns over 100 and it works on my end.

    A couple other ways to structure it though- you could have a department section in your form for the managers. So the manager could select their name, and then department, then logic base on the department to show the employees aligned with that dep. Then you could have 3 separate employee columns based on the employees department.

    Are the managers always logging in to SMAR or not when completing the form? You could use the system generated "created by" column to auto capture the manager's email that's submitting the form.

  • Josh W
    Josh W ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Tim,

    The problem discussed in Genevieve's post is a bit different, in that case there is a very long dropdown list and some of the items on the list didn't show up.

    In this case, we have over 100 columns (based on each manager's name) but each has only a handful of text names in them (the direct reports for that manager)

    The problem arises when setting up the logic in the form, meaning we want the manager to choose their own name from the first dropdown, then a new field appears with just their direct reports. This is where we had to split the list into two.

    I'll probably set up a test sheet to try it out in a clean environment, and maybe use a pro desk session then report back. (oh, and no many of the managers are not in a Smartsheet account - they are just using the emailed form link.)