Automation - update without duplication

I am trying to create an automation where if the user clicks the check box, then the item will move to a different sheet (I am using this same automation across multiple sheets). The goal is so create one master of items that are checked while simultaneously enabling teams to continue editing the source data and destination linked. Once the automation runs, I am hoping to update the items but right now it is them.

In the screenshot above, I found a similar problem and tested the solution which are the last three columns but received an unparseable error.



  • Hi @Dell - What are you using the master list for? The first thought that comes to my mind is that instead of creating a "master" sheet that all items get pulled into, you can create a report with the filter having the "request" column as checked. This would allow the end users to make edits on their individual sheets and have the data feed directly into the report, and vice versa from the report into the sheets.

    If you use an automation to copy the rows, there is no way to automatically have cell references refer back to the source where individuals can update the data. Another thing you can try is to use Dynamic View add-on. Dynamic Views can be set up where the individuals would only have the option to see/edit information in rows they are assigned to.