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SmartSheet Admin

Ken Feldman
Ken Feldman ✭✭
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Has anyone developed a job description for a Smartsheet administrator? willing to share?


  • Mr. Chris
    Mr. Chris ✭✭✭✭✭


    This covers a general description.

    You may want to adjust for what your requirements are like formula knowledge.

    Job Title: Smartsheet Administrator

    Job Summary:

    As a Smartsheet Administrator, you will play a pivotal role in optimizing and maintaining our organization's Smartsheet environment. You will be responsible for configuring, customizing, and managing Smartsheet solutions to enhance collaboration, streamline processes, and ensure the efficient flow of information across the organization. The ideal candidate possesses strong technical skills, a deep understanding of Smartsheet capabilities, and the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Configuration and Customization:
      • Configure and customize Smartsheet workspaces, sheets, and templates to meet organizational needs.
      • Design and implement automated workflows, integrations, and data validations within Smartsheet.
    2. User Support and Training:
      • Provide training and support to end-users on Smartsheet functionalities.
      • Act as the go-to person for Smartsheet-related queries and troubleshoot issues as they arise.
    3. Collaboration and Integration:
      • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify opportunities for improving business processes through Smartsheet.
      • Integrate Smartsheet with other tools and platforms to create a seamless and connected work environment.
    4. Security and Compliance:
      • Ensure data security and compliance with organizational policies by implementing appropriate access controls and permissions within Smartsheet.
    5. Documentation:
      • Maintain detailed documentation of Smartsheet configurations, workflows, and processes.
      • Create user guides and documentation to facilitate the onboarding of new users.
    6. Continuous Improvement:
      • Stay informed about Smartsheet updates, features, and best practices.
      • Proactively identify opportunities for process improvement and optimization within the Smartsheet environment.


    • Proven experience as a Smartsheet Administrator or in a similar role.
    • In-depth knowledge of Smartsheet functionalities, formulas, and integrations.
    • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment.

    Preferred Skills:

    • Smartsheet Certification.
    • Experience with Smartsheet API and integrations.
    • Familiarity with project management methodologies.

  • Thank you Chris!!!!