Temporary Bridge value reference issue

Hello Bridge friends, it's me again, back with another question.

I have a very simple workflow to send a unique ID ("Source ID") and text ("On-Call Schedule") to a target sheet when a row is added to the source sheet.

I discovered that for just two minutes on 1/5/24, Bridge populated the data reference instead of the cell value to my target sheet's Source ID column. I can't recreate the issue, nor can I find anything unique about how our team entered data on the source sheet during that two-minute period.

The Source ID column in the source sheet is a column formula combining two values. Do you think perhaps the Bridge workflow ran before the formula could calculate the value, and that's why Bridge just sent the reference?

Any other insight would be fantastic! I hope to one day return the favor for the next generation of Bridge newbies. (Can't wait for that day when I graduate out of newbie status!)


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  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hey @Julie Fortney

    I have had sequences get slightly out of sync - particularly if multiple rows are being added on top of one another. Sometimes I change the trigger from 'when row is added' to Column Value is changed. You could use your calculated field for this. Another option is to add a tiny delay to give the workflow a beat to collect its wits.

    I'm sure other users will have additional suggestions.