Calendar App inside WorkApp sharing

I'm struggling to find a way to allow users of my WorkApp to view and update events on a calendar through permissions. I have purchased the collaborator package but can't figure out a way to allow users assigned to specific roles. Even when giving the user Editor permission to the underlying sheet of the calendar app, an error appears on the browser. Is this a limitation or the Calendar App when shared through a WorkApp?

Error below


  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    I don't think you can grant users edit permissions on a Smartsheet Calendar embedded in WorkApps. If you try clicking into a role and looking at their Page permissions, the only options are Viewer and Hidden.

    Do you have Dynamic View? You could include a new page in this WorkApp with a Dynamic View that allows users to view and edit assignments.

  • @Julie Fortney thanks for your feedback. I figured out that users outside of my company domain are not allowed access, while the other users within my company can edit once I gave them permission to edit the underlying sheet driving the calendar.