How to create Form/Workflow for Inventory Tracking

I am looking to create a form and workflow that will connect to a QR code to use for warehouse tracking in real-time. How do I go about creating the form and workflow in Smartsheet. The change cells template is not very specific in its functions.


  • Brucey
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    You'll want to start by creating your form. In the top left corner of your sheet (where you want your data to appearr) there is a 'Form' button next to file and automation. Add any necessary fields and logic if you wish.

    Once this is done you can connect the URL to a QR code. You collect the URL on the form menu, there should be a 'copy form URL' button..

    You can then set up automations to alert responsible parties when a new submission is added via the 'automations'.

    Does that help?

  • SteyJ
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    edited 01/29/24

    Here is what I've done for the company that I work for:

    Create a dashboard with an editable sheet on it.

    An employee scans an item to issue on the editable sheet, the scan populates a cell with the text of the item (item number, size, color), I then have a COUNTIF for all items that have the same name in the editable sheet. The COUNTIF column is then index/matched with a column that matches in the actual property inventory sheet.

    Next to the item name in the actual property inventory sheet, it will display how many times the specific item was issued. Once or twice a week, I quickly just subtract all of the scanned items from the property inventory.

    This part of the process can be automated with DataMesh, but for simplicity's sake, I just do it manually.

    You can also try checking out some of inventory management templates, and see if any of those are applicable to you.


    Jacob Stey