Update requests - Send 1 update request for multiple rows to the contact that is listed in sheet


Hi everyone,

Here is my issue. I have a sheet of sales people that are from multiple different companies that tracks their YTD sales numbers. I want to build an automation/workflow that sends one update request with a form to update ALL of that contact's producer with one click. So if one of my partners has 10 sales people they get 1 update request link that takes them to a page where they can enter them one by one. Last year I had to build a separate automation/workflow for each partner and in the actions section I had to specify their e-mail address. Since I track this quarterly I had to build 4 workflows for each partner. Now I have 24 partners with at lease 4 or 5 sales people each which means I'll have to build 96 workflows to accomplish this.

So I added a column in the sheet that specifies who their sales manager is, and built a workflow to send an update request to the contact listed in that column. The problem is that instead of each sales manager getting one email with a link to enter data for all of their sales people, the partner receives an email for every salesperson they manage and have to click each link and can only update that specific person. So a sales mgr that manages 10 people gets 10 emails (super annoying for them, even though it's less programming for me).

Any ideas would be most appreciated!