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Implement 'partial match' search on drop-down lists in Dynamic View so it works in same way as sheet

in a sheet - a drop-down list column with allow multiple values selected offers a 'partial match' text search capability so that typing words in the middle of a text string will result in a shortlist of options being shown. This is excellent.

However - the same column when used in Dynamic View only provides an 'exact match' search capability which does not allow mid text string search terms to be used at all. This is a significant limitation and forces users to scroll through the entire list to find the items they need to select. These drop-down lists can have several hundred entries.

It seems like a simple change to the underlying code is all that is required to switch on the partial match capability in Dynamic View. Such a change would benefit all Smartsheet users.

Please could you implement this change as a matter of urgency?

Thank you

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