New reactivation policy for deactivated users

annielowry89 ✭✭
edited 01/22/24 in Smartsheet Basics


I am trying to figure out how/why this new policy was started and how it makes sense. When we have users that are eligible for rehire, we deactivate them and then reactivate them when they are rehired because we use the same AD stuff (even if it's been a couple years). No issue, we're good to go. Now, the policy has changed where we can only reactivate a user within 7 days of being deactivated, after that we either have to just delete the user or have them sign in with their original email/password to reactivate themselves in Smartsheet? So which is it: remove or reactivate if they're eligible for rehire and are rehired? Am I understanding that correctly? I'm just trying to understand how this new policy is better for us Sys Admins--it doesn't seem like a positive change. The help article didn't answer the above question (remove vs. deactivate) so I am asking you all for help! Just want to understand 😄

Thank you!