User List report update: “Sheet (owned)” column changed to “Sheet (created)” column

Hi Community, 

Those of you who are SysAdmins may have worked with the User List report in the Smartsheet Admin Center before. Previously, the "Sheet (Owned)" column in the User List report would provide a count of the number of sheets owned by users in your organization. However, we are soon moving to a plan-level asset ownership model where Smartsheet assets (like sheets, reports, and dashboards) will no longer be owned by individuals but by the plan.

To prepare for the upcoming asset ownership model changes and preserve the accuracy of the User List report, we replaced the old “Sheet (Owned)” column with the new “Sheet (Created)” column. As the name suggests, the new “Sheet (Created)” column represents the count of sheets created by users.

This new experience is available for SysAdmins in Business and Enterprise plans that are in the Commercial US and Commercial EU instances of Smartsheet.

You can find the User List report in the User management section of the Smartsheet Admin Center. To learn more about the actions available in User management, read this help article.

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Lekshmi Unnithan

Senior Product Marketing Manager