Date with Time uploading in Data Shuttle comes only with Date

This is a peel off of this older thread on the topic:

I have a source xlsx file that is auto-generated and sent to me each morning. It comes with a date and time on the same line, but only the date portion comes over when data shuttle does it's morning update.

The cell in my source looks like this:

The "function line" in my source is this:

Is the only option still to open the xlsx sheet and create the new column with this function [ =TEXT(A1, "DD/MM/YYY HH:MM") ] so the time can be imported into DS correctly? To me, that defeats the purpose of DS automating this for me each morning.

Interestingly enough, if I import the xlsx as a new sheet not using DS, it lists the times only.

However, when I use DS to import it, it lists the date only.

In my situation, all I really need is the time. There is another column with date on my sheet.

Thank you for any help you can provide!