Task Dependencies in Resource Management by Smartsheet

In Resource Management, I have lots of staff on different projects. A member of staff can't start project # 2 until he / she has completed project #1.

So, if I have to adjust the dates for project #1 then project #2 must also move back. (In Smartsheet this would be a FS dependency.)

I know dependencies don't carry across from Smartsheet - and I'm using RM stand alone in any case.

Is there a way to create dependencies in RM - either using built in tools, or a workaround.

As it is, if project #1 slips, I have to change the dates of project #1... and then move the start and end dates of project #2... and then the same again on project #3, #4 etc. This is made worse as you can't move the task directly (e.g., drag the 1 week duration task along the timeline), you have to move the end date, then move the start date - pretty clunky once you're moving an entire chain of tasks along the timeline.

Thanks for any help!