Is it possible to hide certain rows from Calendar app?


I use a sheet to record upcoming trainings and it automatically feeds into a calendar. Another team also has a workflow to copy some of their rows to our sheet if they have training they want to let me know about. However, I might not always want to display their training on my calendar. Is there a way to let Calendar App know not to include certain rows on a sheet?




  • florian.zbinden7
    florian.zbinden7 ✭✭✭✭


    there is no simple way to let the Calendar app know that you want to hide certain lines. As long as there is a date, it's shown, no direct filtering is possible. You can manually hide some items of your choice by selecting this advanced option

    and then you have the option to hide

    but then the dates are gone (in the source sheet).

    The other way would be to use a workflow, where you copy some rows from an entry sheet into the source sheet for the Calendar app that meets some criteria (a manual checkbox that you must check for example, and you would be informed by a notification).

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