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Customize New User Emails


As an Admin, when I set up a new user, Smartsheet sends an invitation message. Users frequently reach back asking why their (company) password did not work. It would be nice if Admins could customize the welcome message to include things like:

  1. Tailored instructions for setting first time password
  2. Company branding
  3. Links to resources
  4. Set a 'do not reply' message, or dictate where an email will go if the user clicks reply
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  • Julie Becker
    Julie Becker ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Scott Peters I 2nd this request. I have to send a separate Welcome Package Outlook Email with instructions 10min before i send the invite from Smartsheets so that they had time to review prior to them receiving it. In the past without that email, they would assume i had set up their passwords or to use a different email account which is why i have an outlook email template set up to just send after adding their name/email.

    Nice suggestion

    Julie Becker ☠️

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