Record a Date - Formula Issue

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Is there a known issue with the Record a Date automation where, if the triggering action is created by a formula, the automation doesn't work?

Context: I have a Record a Date automation set to run in the "Event Complete Date" column as soon as the "Event Achieved?" column changes to "Yes"

  • "Event Complete Date" is a Date column
  • "Event Achieved?" is a Dropdown column with Yes and No, and is populated by a formula
  • Relevant part of the formula is: IF([Mileage Completed]@row >= [Event Mileage Number]@row, "Yes"

This workflow has never functioned correctly when the formula has changed the cell's value, but has worked when I've manually changed the cell value. I've deleted and re-created the workflow multiple times.

Hoping this isn't a formula issue as I'd rather not populate the dates manually like I have been. Thanks!



  • What is the entire formula? and how are the fields [Mileage Completed] and [Event Mileage Number] populated?

  • diana_y
    edited 02/02/24

    The whole formula is:

    =IFERROR(IF([Mileage Completed]@row >= [Event Mileage Number]@row, "Yes", IF([Pair Mileage]@row >= [Event Mileage Number]@row, "Yes", "No")), "Error: No data")

    None of it is relevant since the only scenario where the cell is becoming "Yes" at the moment is the part I pasted initially.

    Mileage Completed and Event Mileage Number are both calculated from formulas.