How to get actuals confirmed in Resource Management to update actual work in Smartsheet?

We have Smartsheet & Resource Management implemented enterprise wide. While the work estimated from the integrated Smartsheet sheets is prefilling the time & expense timesheet in Resource Management, the actual confirmed hours do not feed back into Smartsheet as Actual work. We would like to have a way for confirmed time in Resource Management to update Actual work in Smartsheet. Currently, we are having to do dual data entry via time sheet in Resource Management and updating Actual work in underlying integrated sheets.


  • JamesB
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    I have this similar issue with RM and SS. To get the most out of RM, I have created Analytical reports in RM that I export and then copy to pre-formatted sheets in SS. I cannot do the usual import feature as I have formulas linking the raw data from RM to multiple metric sheets to parse and display the data for easier consumption. RM is the system of record for actual project hours, so I looked at the confirmed and unconfirmed data from exported report to create a graph to show the scheduled vs incurred hours on a dashboard by project and Team member and department.

    Hope this may give you some ideas of ways to work around some of the limitations that currently exist in RM.