QR scan from Form

Can you make your camera pop up to scan a QR when you click in the Item box on this form? Trying to make this easy for customers to scan out inventory

Onces scanned out it will go over to the smartsheet and send a notification.


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    When they open the form and click into a cell, users on the mobile app will have the option to enter via the keyboard or barcode scanner (which scans traditional and QR codes). They just need to click the button:

    You don't need to use a form to do this as the mobile view is quite form like in itself.

    You can open a sheet on a mobile in mobile view using this icon at the top right:

    When the user clicks into a cell they can choose the barcode scanner option:

    The barcode they scan will then populate the cell on the sheet.

    You can set up a notification automation as usual.