Color Coding Calendars - Different Colors for Different Calendars, but from the same sheets?


I have a workspace with a ton of different sheets that each represent a project timeline for a single client. We are creating different reports to pull together program/client level views for things like team PTO, client due dates, internal resourcing priorities, etc. We use the calendar view of our reports primarily.

So all of this comes from the same source sheets, but we're creating these different reports for specific use cases, and many of these reports we see together on a single dashboard.

How can we make it so that each calendar has its own color key? For example, on a master calendar view, we'd want to see the colors by project (so, by sheet). But on a resourcing calendar, we'd want to see the color by the Assigned To column.

I know the colors pull from the task bar in conditional formatting, but stuck on how we can apply different formats to different reports, from the same sheet?