Multiple triggers and entries for the same item, possible?


I have a team that wants a solution that I can't figure out. Any help would be greatly appreciated (even if its a round about way to a solution).

  1. Trade submits inspection via form - generates a document/report, and
  2. This triggers a notification to Contractor 1 and Contractor 2, so that they complete their independent inspection for the same item - generates a document/report (per each contractor)
  3. All data should be compiled together (same line item) so that generated documents from all 3 inspections for the same line item are housed together.
  4. Once all three are done a new document will generate so that all 3 inspections exist on the same pdf

Is this possible? If so how the heck do I get the Contractor 1 and Contractor 2 inspections to exist on the same line item.

Help 🙃😵🤪

Jacque Smith

Project Controls, MSR-FSR