CALENDAR - On Dashboard

Is there a way to display a live Outlook Calendar on the Dashboard? That's the ultimate Goal.

If NOT, then I'd like to show a Live 1-Month View Calendar view with the Data of:

1) Contact and 2) Function to Perform (ex. Robert Smith - Refrig Install).. within the Block of a Date on a calendar - to allow more than one Job per Day of the month. We would consider a 2-week view vs. a 1-month.

We have 10 active jobs at any given time. Each job has 5 Dates to meet during the Project timeline. Each date is associated with a different function and Contact Person.

We would like to display a Live calendar with Each Date for the Job is represented on the Calendar with the associated contact person associated with that Date and function to be performed.

One Entry would contain the following within each square date cell. Similar to how Outlook may do this. The Date Data pulls from one sheet. The Contact would need to be pulled from a different sheet. I understand how to pull and consolidate the Data. The question is the Calendar View right on the Dashboard.

Any help would be appreciated!