Smartsheet's Add-In doesn't work on "New Outlook"


One of our end user encountered the above screenshot error message when using the Smartsheet's add-in using his "New Outlook". When testing with my current (Classic) Outlook Desktop app, my Smartsheet's Outlook Add-In works.

Can you provide me a solution on how we can resolve the 'Add-in Error' in our O365 Admin Center so we can get the Smartsheet add-in working on the New Outlook desktop app.


  • Bassam Khalil
    Bassam Khalil ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @skimpar,

    Please try the following:

    1. Verify Add-in Status in the Office 365 Admin Center

    First, ensure that the Smartsheet add-in is correctly deployed and configured in the O365 Admin Center.

    Log in to the Office 365 Admin Center.

    Go to Settings > Integrated apps or Services & add-ins, depending on your interface.

    Check if the Smartsheet add-in is listed and ensure it is allowed and configured correctly for user access.

    2. Update Outlook and Office Suite

    Ensure that both the New Outlook and the entire Office suite are up to date. Sometimes, add-ins require the latest updates to function correctly.

    Instruct users to open any Office application.

    Go to File > Account (or Office Account if you opened Outlook).

    Under Product Information, choose Update Options > Update Now.

    3. Check New Outlook Specific Settings

    The New Outlook has different settings and configurations compared to the classic version. Verify if there are specific settings or restrictions for add-ins.

    In the New Outlook, go to File > Options.

    Under the General tab, look for any settings related to add-ins and ensure they are configured to allow the Smartsheet add-in.

    4. Verify User Permissions and Licensing

    Ensure the user encountering the error has the necessary permissions and licenses to use the Smartsheet add-in.

    In the Office 365 Admin Center, check the user's account to ensure they have the appropriate licenses and permissions.

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