[RECAP] Cineverse x Lauren McCarthy: Finding the Story

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Hey Brandfolder Community! On this episode of the Brand Collective Podcast we get to know Lauren McCarthy, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Cineverse. If you're a creative in the business space, this one’s for you! Here's what you can expect on this episode:

  • Strategies for building a powerhouse marketing team from the ground up, including how to create a “team charter.”
  • Ever wonder what improv and marketing have in common? Lauren’s got your back.
  • Lauren shares how going back to school to get her master’s degree during the pandemic impacted her career.
  • Dig into some of the craziest yet most successful ideas the Cineverse marketing team has said “yes” to recently.

🎧 What is an unexpectedly successful idea that you have said “Yes” to?

Listen to Lauren’s experiences saying “Yes, and” to crazy ideas - Do you have a similar story? Share it, or any other insights from the episode, in the comments below.

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Happy listening!