Report filter to remove "DELETED" category

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Hi All, 

I am trying to generate a report based on the cost codes. One of the categories includes the DELETED version – meaning, the box was originally ticked to be included in a directory, however, amended to be removed. This category then is moved under deleted. Is there a way to remove the "DELETED" list from the report? I tried setting in the filter the following attached but it is still showing.


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    Hi @RiKi

    Looking at your SS Report Cost Code DELETED, the filter will need to look at the Cost Code column. Is DELETED a value in the cell under the Cost Code Column or is there a NULL/Blank value? Depending on the value, you can apply the filter on the Cost Code column.

    When you do grouping, the grouping parameter is shown in the primary column, but the value is not stored there. So, there's no need to add a filter on your primary column in this instance



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    edited 02/27/24

    The word DELETED is a formula where the word is automatically generated once the conditions are met.