Does an individual need to have a PAID account in order to view the sheet indefinitely?


Hi, under the pro plan - does an individual have to have a PAID account in order to view the Smartsheet? I shared a sheet with my team, and it asked them to create an account however, since it's a free account it's only on a trial basis of 30 days. I was under the impression that under the pro plan, there was an unlimited number of free viewers?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @isantos

    If you're on the Pro Plan, then in order to Edit content your users will need to be on a paid license on your plan (here's more information: Dashboard widgets and sharing in the Pro plan)

    However you can still share your sheets to Free users or users on a Trial to give them View only access to those sheets. They will need to create a Smartsheet account so they have a secure password and login to see the sheet, but this can be any type of account - paid or not.

    You are correct that on the Pro Plan you can have unlimited Viewers.