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Good Morning All,

Currently have this column formula called "Count AD": =COUNTIF([Ad Name]$1:[Ad Name]@row, [Ad Name]@row) on lets say Sheet B

I have the same formula on Sheet A: =COUNTIF([Creative Name]$1:[Creative Name]@row, [Creative Name]@row)

Please Note: Sheet A Creative Name = Sheet B Ad Name

Sheet B is generated with a Data Shuttle Process where is mapping "Ad Name" and numerous other columns from a Excel Document attached to the Smartsheet. The "Count AD" Column on Sheet B is in place to count the Ads if they appear twice in the Excel File. So if row 1 and row 45 have the same ad name, the Count AD Column will count 1 for the first time it appears on row 1 and count 2 for row 45. The Count Ad Column Formula on Sheet A is doing the same thing. These Count AD Column formulas are what I using to create a unique identifier to pull information from Sheet A to Match back to Sheet B (Sheet B is essentially an import/export file to ensure what we have in Smartsheets aligns with what is running on our platforms (google/Meta))

THE PROBLEM: the data shuttle process the populates Sheet B is set to run whenever a new attachment is added. However whenever the data shuttle process runs it is erasing my Column Ad formula and I have to re enter it and drag it down for all my rows (which can range from 50-1900)

Is the data shuttle process causing this formula to keep going away after it runs? Or is there a better formula I can use so that I can turn it into a column formula? I cannot do it currently since my formula references "[Creative Name]$1".

Any tips tricks or pointers are welcome! I asked a similar question in communities that uses the "Count AD" Column as well to actually pull in my Unique Identifier between sheet A and sheet B so if this formula breaks when the Data shuttle processes for Sheet B then my index collect to pull my unique identifier breaks as well. That question was titled "Index Collect or Lookup Formula Help


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