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Create static Document Builder mapping for project implementation

Our company recently created a cybersecurity threat assessment as a required template for our PMO to ensure that all projects have the proper security and oversight. After working with stakeholders to fill out the sheet, PMs are marking a checkbox on the sheet that ultimately triggers the Document Generator automation to take the results of the assessment and enter the data into a fillable PDF that gets sent to the PM via email. That PDF gets stored into a central location with other required documents based on compliance policies.

Unfortunately, when spinning up a project in Control Center with the required template that contains a configured Document Generation automation (using Smartsheet Document Builder), it appears that the existing mapping configuration does not apply to each project. Therefore, as the admin, I have to manually re-map the fields each time a project is spun up.

There should be a way, perhaps tied to a user (admin) account, where the mapping configuration is saved and applicable to any project that is spun up by that account.

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