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uploading images to forms


we have put together a web form to collect some QA data from field. Each entry contains an image. Several users have complained that when they press submit, it keeps spinning and does not move forward. Our users are using IPhone/Ipad and image size per entry can be between 2-3MB.

How can we make user experience better ?

Is there a way to reduce image size ? iPhone/ipad doesn't allow that.



  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    what you describe is a process that many of our clients use Smartsheet for when they are out on site and doing surveys and taking measurements etc. 

    What you describe sounds to me like a Connectivity issue in that the mobile service your users are using to upload, is slow or weak but good enough to complete a Smartsheet form and not much else. 

    If this persist I think you have two choices.... 

    Get your users to wait until they have a strong signal ......

    or you need to set up an Appheet with Smartsheet Survey form which can be completed on the local device and Sync'd when a signal is available, so effectively giving you Off line access to Smartsheet which is not otherwise possible. There are many other features to using this system too, like Geo tagging location of Photos, getting Signatures, scanning Barcodes plus giving users views of data that hides confidential stuff and only shows them what they NEED.

    Since Smartsheet alerted us to this added functionality we have implemented this for lots of clients. if you want to know more, because this is a real issue for you? Let me know? 

    Hope that helps





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