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Allow to edit Jira Project after a Jira Connector is set up


It would be great to be able to update the "settings" tab within a Jira connector, especially to be able to edit the "Jira Project" field to add or remove projects.

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  • Lindsay Whitbread

    Hi Doris,

    You can get the JIRA connector to work almost the way that you're looking for by setting up the workflow to connect to "All projects on this server" and then in the Jira Filter screen of the setup wizard, for the JQL you put:

    project = XYZ

    Where the "XYZ" is the project key (not name) of your project in Jira.

    Then, when the workflow runs, it will move all of the previously synced Jira records into a different part of the sheet and will sync in your new project.

    I hope that helps!



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