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I've implemented two enterprise-wide work management solutions from the ground up but never Smartsheet. Is there a learning path or suite of resources to define the decisions and work required to design and configure the system? For example, is there a Smartsheet template to guide you through the decision-making process for an enterprise configuration and launch including things like data architecture, global settings, user settings, standard forms/templates, reports/dashboards, training, personalization, etc.? I see that Smartsheet has professional services but I'd like to understand what's available for the DIY folks.


  • Lindsay Whitbread

    Hi Julie,

    What you're asking about is normally more the domain of the professional services offerings, however, for DIYers, there are a couple of options.

    A lot of the elements of an enterprise rollout, such as the global settings, security approach, training and admin capability development are harder to take shortcuts on, but the data architecture and templates are a bit easier to tackle.

    For customers who are looking to do a self implementation, we will often provide a premium template back with a small bundle of hours to help get them pointed in the right direction. The template packs will have all of the forms, sheets, reports and dashboards, preconfigured for a scalable Enterprise-wide PMO or task management solution.

    For customers who want to buy the software only, then the main piece of advice we provide is to make sure that the data architecture has a central project register, because if you later want to introduce further automation with Smartsheet Control Center, you'll have a lot less work to do if you've built the solution around that central sheet. You could use this template as a starting point. From my perspective, that freely available template is a good start but you'd get a much better outcome with the templates that are put together by a good Smartsheet services team (you need to keep in mind that the publicly available templates need to be quick for customers to understand how to use rather than being sophisticated, enterprise-grade solutions).

    If you're looking to spend a little bit of money on some ad hoc support and a template to get you started, please reach out to solutions@infospark.com.au and we can help you out.

    Beyond the templates and architecture, an often overlooked element in an enterprise deployment is data protection and security. Ask yourself which malicious and human error scenarios you wish to prevent or respond effectively to. There are a handful of 3rd party products that can help in this area, as well as some out-of-the-box functionality that comes within the Smartsheet platform (for example, data backups and the Dynamic View Premium App). A short discussion with an experienced Smartsheet consultant should be all it will take to get a workable plan together.

    Finally, the online training resources for self paced skills development are very good with Smartsheet and so having your users leverage those will get you a long way to ensuring that uptake and success rates are high.

    Good luck, and feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.


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