Industry Talk - Connect with peers in your industry!


Hi Smartsheet Community, 

We noticed you want more ways to connect with members in your own industries, and we think that’s a fantastic idea! Today, we’re excited to launch a new topic where you can engage with your peers — Industry Talk.

This is a space dedicated to the different industries, each with its own topic and badge. You will automatically receive your industry badge when you create a discussion, ask a question, or comment in the corresponding subtopic. 

If you’re ready to connect, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Network and get to know your peers
  • Share a little about what you do, and what you love about your industry
  • Engage in industry-related discussions, brainstorm together, and share relevant news 

We’re starting with Education and Healthcare & Life Sciences, but we’ll be adding more industries soon. Keep an eye out for them! 😁