Automation Help - Alert e-mail with attachments



I have set up an automation for a sheet so that when a contract is executed.

When there is a request for a new contract, an employee completed a form that includes attachments. The completed form adds to the sheet, and another employee begins work on the contract.

The employee adds the date to the sheet that the contract is executed. When that date is added to the sheet, it triggers an e-mail to the employee who requested the contract, alerting that person the contract is executed. This e-mail is to prompt them to send the attachments to another party. I want for this e-mail to include the attachments that were submitted originally with the form.

This is followed by an update request for that employee to enter the date that the documents were sent to the other party, which will be plugged into the sheet.

Everything in this automation works EXCEPT for the attachments being included on the e-mail to send to the other party. The employee gets the e-mail alerting them to send their documents, but the attachments do not get included. I have read many other discussions about similar issues, saying the automation will not include the attachment unless the attachment is added when the date the contract is executed (trigger) is completed. That won't work for my workflow.

Does anyone have any suggestions?