Established Automations Suddenly Failing


Thank you for taking time to read my question!

We have been using Smartsheet for over a year. We have several automations (triggers) that are well-established and that have not been edited. These automations trigger rows to be copied to other sheets, which are a very important part of our workflow.

Lately, and often, the automations are failing. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to when they are failing, or what causes the failure.

Example: We use Smartsheet for onboarding employees. When a new team member begins working, we "Star" a field that indicates they have started employment. This is attached to an automation that copies his or her row to a sheet called "Training." We had 9 individuals start on Monday, all of whom had the trigger/automation column selected, and none of them moved to the Training sheet. In fact, the trigger/automation was last run on 3/11 versus 3/18. Has anyone else experienced this and successfully fixed it?

*Yes, we are clicking "save" after we trigger the automation

*We have not added any new automations to the process

*The staff involved are the same that have been using Smartsheet for over a year


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @A Shapiro

    Is it possible that the sheet your are copying rows to is getting "full"? Here's more information: System requirements and guidelines for using Smartsheet

    If that's not the case, another reason that a Copy Workflow may not trigger is if your Star is being changed through either a cell-link or a cross-sheet formula. To prevent an infinite loop, actions that automatically modify the sheet can't be triggered by inbound cell-links, cross-sheet formulas, or formulas that refer to another cell with an inbound cell link or cross sheet formula. See: Trigger blocks: When your workflow is executed

    If your collaborators are manually checking the Star and Saving but the rows are not copying when they should, please contact Support with the Workflow ID, Sheet URL, and a screen recording of how you're attempting to trigger the workflow. They will be able to help you in a private channel where you can share more details.