Is it possible to hide rows based on value of a column in Dynamic View?



Using Dynamic View to allow users to see a report where we do not want them to have actual access to the sheet driving the report, so we have a report created that the dynamic view is on.

Currently the report is pulling all data based on a couple filters. Ideally the group that owns the sheet and report can see everything, but we want all of our other users to only see rows from this report based on the value of a certain column (which indicates whether the row is confidential or not). So there is a column with a drop down where one of the options is confidential. If it is confidential, users with access to dynamic view should not see these rows.

Is it possible to configure the Dynamic view to filter out rows from the report if this column is confidential, or will I need to create a duplicate report that filters out confidential before it gets to dynamic view?


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