New! Dynamic View Admin Controls page functionality now generally available!

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Hi Community, 

System Admins can now easily access and manage Dynamic View configurations all within the Dynamic View Admin Controls page. System Admins can see a list of all views, initiate transfers, delete, bulk delete, and search views all in one convenient and unified place. 

New delete and bulk delete functionality provides system admins added control over your configurations and allows you to select and delete multiple views at once. Search functionality alleviates lengthy scrolling, making it easier for you to find what you are looking for faster. 

Additionally, in support of seamless view ownership transfer, view creation will no longer support private sheet filters. This will ultimately alleviate potential access issues when transferring ownership of a view.

Dynamic View is available for Business and Enterprise plans and is included in Advance Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Login to the Dynamic View Admin Controls page and try the new features!

Visit our System Admin Controls and Transfer a Dynamic View help articles to learn more about the changes to Dynamic View System Admin controls.

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Emily Davenport

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