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2 views from the same datasets

edited 04/19/24 in Government

I'm working within gov trying to create 2 different views from the same datasets. I have a sheet for a given project that includes the staff (in rows) and the number of hours to work on that project for a given week (in columns). I have multiple sheets of this information (for multiple projects).

The project view (attached) I was to create is a simple report of all projects, where I can see all the staff and their workload over time for that given project.

The second view is a staff view, where I can view all the projects and workload a given staff member is working. How do I create a view like this from the same datasets? Do I need to include additional information in the original sheets to do this?

Note: within the gov version I have been unable to find the "Group" or the Resource Management functionality that seems to be available in the regular version of the tool.