Data Shuttle Keep Data in unmapped column

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We are using data shuttle to upload from a csv file once a week on Mondays. Throughout the week we have an assigned to column (that is not in the data source file) where people assign themselves to tasks (so different rows in the source file). They might not get to the task that week, so when we update the the data on Mondays we want their name to stay in the assigned to. Also they tend to leave comments on the rows with these be overwritten? Right now we I run the data shuttle it overrides what is in the assigned to column and the names disappears. It is possible to keep them?



  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers

    What is your setup on this page? If you have replace all target rows under workflow actions, it will delete everything and add back. If you use Merge, it shouldn't clear cells that are not mapped.


    Hi Samuel,

    I had it set up to merge and it was still deleting the info in my unmapped columns. I ended up just creating a new sheet and workflow and now it appears to be working.

    Thank you!